Welcome to Colin Monteath’s personal web site of image galleries, book projects, published images, expeditions and assignments. There are six different kinds of photo pages - New images, Exposure, Moments (expeditions travel and items from HHH historical archive), Journeys (slide shows), Hedgehog House galleries, Movies  and Timelapse. 

Colin Monteath is New Zealand’s most widely published photographer and writer of polar, mountain travel and wilderness material. Colin has authored 10 books and contributed text and imagery for many others.

After 31 seasons in Antarctica, four in the Arctic and 22 expeditions to the Himalaya plus other assignments and expeditions to remote regions in Alaska, Bhutan, Mongolia, Patagonia, Greenland, Tibet, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Svalbard and New Guinea etc, Colin has built up a remarkable collection of images for use in advertising, display, lecturing, book and magazine projects.  Colin’s images have already been widely used in magazines such as GEO, National Geographic, Action Asia, Terre Sauvage, Time, Rock and Ice, Conde Naste, New Zealand Geographic, Australian Geographic, Airone, Focus, Mother Nature 

Colin’s images are marketed in association with Hedgehog House, New Zealand’s premiere stock photo library. Founded in 1984, Hedgehog House New Zealand also represents  a collective of selected New Zealand and internationally recognized  photographers. HHH provides world-class “Client protected rights managed” images of New Zealand, landscapes, wilderness, natural history, adventure sports, recreation, international wildlife, endangered species, national parks, world heritage sites and a diverse selection of polar and mountain related subjects. 
Colin Monteath - polar & mountain photographer

HHH# 254717 Winter sunset from Roy Peak, sea of cloud over Lake Wanaka, Mt Aspiring on left skyline Panorama New Zealand landscape: Colin Monteath

Selected pages for November 2012

HHH#253534 Moonrise , Mt Aspiring reflection, Mt Aspiring National Park, New Zealand.  Panorama New Zealand landscape: Colin Monteath

HHH#255394 Sunset on western flanks of dormant volcano Mt Egmont / Taranaki.      Aerial photo: Colin Monteath

HHH#255174   Wai-o-Tapu thermal region during day of sun bursts interspersed with heavy rain and wind , Rotorua Panorama New Zealand landscape : Colin Monteath

HHH#257590 Old farm cottage, snowstorm over Hawkdun Range Central Otago, July 2011, Panorama New Zealand landscape Colin Monteath

Alpenglow dawn panorama, Rangitata river valley, Mt D'Archiac on left, near Mt Sunday (Edoras village, Kingdom of Rohan in Lord of the Rings)

                                  and Mt Potts Station, Canterbury. Panorama New Zealand landscape : Colin Monteath