HHH# 255989 FitzRoy waterfall at dusk, high windcloud over the summit of FitzRoy (El Chalten) Photo: Colin Monteath

HHH#255955 FitzRoy waterfall as dawn lights up Cerro FitzRoy

HHH#256026 Alpenglow Cerro Torre & FitzRoy

HHH#255982 Dawn from Estancia Quinta,  Cerro Solo (extreme left), Cerro Torre ( centre) and Cerro FitzRoy. Panorama landscape by Colin Monteath

HHH# 255991 Soft glow of pre-dawn light catches clouds over waterfall and Cerro FitzRoy.

HHH#256007 Dawn light on storm clouds over Cerro Solo (near Cerro Torre) , Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, Patagonia.

HHH# 255973 Folded landscape rises from dry pampa , evening light, La Quinta estancia on edge Parque Nacional Los Glaciares.

HHH#256014 Sheepdog and pup, Estancia La Quinta.

HHH#256030 Wind warning sign and high wind clouds, Patagonia.

HHH#256008 Estancia La Quinta,

famous estancia on edge of Parque Nacional Los Glaciares

HHH# 256997 Perito Moreno glacier front, Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, Patagonia, Argentina - Panorama landscape : Colin Monteath

HHH# 255987 Magellanic woodpecker, Carpintero gigante,

        drills for grubs in Nothofagus southern beech tree,

HHH#255984 Horses grazing, La Quinta estancia on edge of Parque Nacional Los Glaciares,  Cerro Torre and FitzRoy behind.